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Crypto Investing Security Tips

Four Quick Tips to Keep You Safe When Crypto Investing

Four Quick Security Tips to Keep Your Crypto Safe!

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

1. Turn on MFA everywhere. All exchanges. Your email. Wherever MFA is available, enable it. Use Google Authenticator or Authy. Don’t use SMS unless there are no other options. Something is better than nothing.

"Official" Support

2. Never respond to a direct message (DM) from “Official Support”. Spoiler Alert: It’s not Official Support. All your issues can be discussed using the official channels on Discord and Telegram.

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Wallet Seed Phrase

3. Do not store your wallet seed phrase in electronic format. Write it down on paper and make a backup copy. If you find yourself entering a seed phrase on a computer, stop and think about why. You are most likely moments away from losing all your crypto.

"My bags are SO big!"

4. Never talk about the size of your crypto investment. It won’t help you and only makes you a target for a scam or phishing attempt.